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My name is, Dr. Catie Morse, and I am a board certified and licensed Naturopathic Doctor trained at Bastyr University in Seattle, the leading university in the country for Naturopathic Medicine. I am a family physician who specializes in the prevention and management of early symptoms and pre-cursors of chronic conditions such as weight management, blood sugar abnormalities, and insulin resistance. I am also a primary care physician for both acute and chronic health conditions and I enjoy seeing a diverse client population.

 In my practice, I combine Naturopathic medicine, evidence-based medicine, and blood analyses. I see each of my clients as an individual and together we create a health plan with short and long term goals. Conventional and natural therapies are combined to improve symptoms in the short term as needed while long term goals heal the root cause of disease.  Services include annual blood analyses,  nutrition evaluation, understanding supplements and Vitamins, as well as medicinal herb consultations, healing spa treatments, and martial arts training.

Prior to opening my own practice, I worked under the mentorship of both naturopathic and allopathic doctors including Nancy Welliver, ND former Bastyr University Professor, Celia Hart, ND with the Berkeley Integrative Naturopathic Medical Group, and Dr. Coleen Murphy, ND with Natural Medicine Works. My clinical training included serving underserved, low-income patients while utilizing clinical Spanish, with focused experience of chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes management.

Certified Yi Ren Qigong Instructor

I am a certified Yi Ren Qigong Instructor who has completed over 6 years of specialized training in how to use the ancient Chinese martial art, called Qigong, and concepts in Chinese Medicine to support physical healing, reduce stress, and promote greater well-being.

For those who are interested, I offer one beginning Qigong class each season to my patients and anyone else who would like to explore Qigong as a way to practice meditation through a martial art, reduce stress, and promote greater physical and emotional well-being.

You can find additional information about Yi Ren Qigong and my mentor, Dr. Sun, at the Institute of Qigong and Integrative Medicine.

Medicinal and Edible Garden Installation

Through my medicinal landscaping company, Catie Appleseed & Co, I design, install, and maintain medicinal and edible gardens throughout the greater Seattle area.  I focus on native, medicinal, and edible plant selections.

I also offer one seasonal garden and home remedy class to my patients and anyone else who would like to consider growing or using medicinal plants at home. I select one medicinal plant and discuss its health benefits and how to use it at home.

Scheduling an Appointment

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If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 206-204-4930 or email me at drcatiemorse@gmail.com.

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